Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be centered and anchored to your zone of Magic, Miracles and Magnificence?

What would your life be like if you embodied all three?

Wouldn’t it be just simply stunning to be so aligned to who you are that everything that comes to you and goes from you are only of that energy?

It is time to align to your calling;
to the reason why you’re here on earth!
I’m a true believer that we are all here for a reason. We are meant to do NOT JUST GREAT but REVOLUTIONARY things in our lives.

The time for you is NOW!
No more delaying the miracles that are waiting for you!

7 Weeks Of Miracles is a group program like no other!
It’s all about having you anchor into your zone of Magic, Miracles and Magnificence, so you can be as powerful as you truly are!
We will be delving deep into each of your Miracles
  • Your Magic – where we are working and committing to mastering one’s SELF
  • Your Mojo – where we are stretching your limits and expanding your possibilities
  • Your Madness – where we’re practicing empathy and being neutral/enlightened so that we are so grounded with ourselves
  • Your Meter – where we ensure you don’t burn out and just keep that connection to the LIGHT SOURCE strong and healthy
  • Your Moment – where we define that stage for you
  • Your Mood – where we ensure that you’re all HIGH VIBE
  • Your Mission – where we anchor to your gifts, your calling and your power!
1 payment of $247 US
2 payments of $147 US
meet miracle maria

I’m a channeler, a creator and a connector. I serve those looking to channel a greater power both above and within themselves to create something revolutionary. I facilitate miracles for individuals and organizations seeking a more meaningful connection into both the inner-world and the outer-world.
By the end of 7 weeks, you will:
  • Transform your weakness to your strengths
  • Own your miracles and all the responsibilities that come with them
  • Strengthen your inner power so external factors don’t affect you that much
  • Stay tuned-in to the Source that you keep shining light
  • Embrace the stage you’ll have set for yourself
  • Be aware of your energies and unstuck those stuck motions
  • Trust yourself and your gifts
At the end of 7 weeks, you will be amazed by what a miracle powerhouse you are!
We kick off 2nd of April 2017!

1 payment of $247 US
2 payments of $147 US
what others say about working with maria

“I cried and laughed and opened my heart and energy blocks more so in one hour with Maria than I have in three years. She has an intuitive gift and her spirit guides (YOUR spirit guides) will tell you exactly what you have to do to live a more open life. In one hour I feel unlocked, more relaxed, more free because of a few suggestions Maria (my guides) had me act upon. Amazing. If you feel stuck in ANY part of your life, Maria is your girl.”
Jennie Lynn Backstorm
Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what can you promise to make my life better after joining the program?

I truly believe that when one is so aligned and so in tune with one’s core (or in my language, one’s miracles), everything that the person does, speaks, thinks, acts will be coming from that energy.
I don’t and can’t promise you the magic pill that makes all your problem go away. But what I can promise is that by the end of the 7 weeks, you will look at your life from a different perspective. Whereas you felt ashamed of some parts of yourself, you will be loving each and every part of who you are. This Miracle Mastery Program is experiential and exploratory. It is not linear. It is a spiral path to uncovering your greatness!

How much time does the program take?

It really depends on you. But allot 3 hours a week so that you can really dig deep and connect with yourself as well as the others in the program.

How much does the program cost?

The program costs one payment of 247 USD or 2 installments of 147 USD.

Is this a replacement for a doctor, a therapist, or a physician?

No. It works side-by-side.

Will you be keeping everything we say confidential?

Definitely! This program is really for you to dig deep and master your miracles. And sometimes, we need to work backwards to propel forward! So there will be bumbling, busting and boosting –all at once!

By registering for the program, what am I agreeing to?

You are committing to doing inner-work on yourself, being respectful of the others’ experience, being truthful in your comments and feedback, being aligned with yourself and your miracles.

What if I feel uncomfortable in the program? What if I want to quit halfway?

That’s why there are AMPLIFIER sessions every week so that I can support you with your needs. Also, discomfort is a sign of transformation! So this is actually good. You may choose not to actively participate but once you’re in, you’re in for the program!

I have other questions…

And I am here to answer them for you. Just email me:

it’s time to claim your miracles!
1 payment of $247 US
2 payments of $147 US